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When a long weekend comes along, our first instinct is to come up with a vacation plan. This entails us to think of different destinations to visit and how best we can get there. This also means a lot of money and our strength needs to spend for that vacation plan. The good news is, you don’t need to undergo that entire complicated process. Your home in Laureano Di Trevi promises a wonderful experience for you and your family any day of the week, with the help of various amenities and facilities in this condominium property.

Your health and what you do to stay fit is very important. With all of the processed food we all eat and the stressful lifestyle we all endure, staying healthy is a priority that cannot be denied. As such, it’s always for the best to break out a sweat by doing various kinds of exercises. You can do exactly just that because there’s a health club that can be found inside Laureano Di Trevi. This facility has a set of fitness equipment to help you burn that excess fat off during your spare time. Plus, you can have a safer weight loss experience in this property, thanks to the presence of a jogging trail for the residents. You no longer need to think about evading cars in traffic or exposing yourself to criminals because your safety is guaranteed in these trails.

If sweating it out in a gym isn’t your idea of staying healthy, then maybe swimming is what you need. This condominium property has a pool that’s open for its residents anytime they want to use it. Apart from helping you stay in shape, you can also have an amazing time with your loved ones while taking a quick dip here in this pool.

Kids will have a tremendous time here in Laureano Di Trevi. There are several landscaped gardens and a playground that caters to them. These areas are conducive for their playtime and will provide several facilities where they can have fun with their peers.

Being in a place like Laureano Di Trevi means you are safe from any kind of criminal threat. That’s because there’s a team of dependable men and women who watch over your property and loved ones all the time. These security personnel are aided with a network of CCTV surveillance cameras to monitor every area in the property to prevent any form of harm from falling upon you or your family. As a result, you can live life to the fullest here in Laureano Di Trevi.

Amenities mean the difference between an exciting domestic life and a mundane existence at home. Fortunately, Laureano Di Trevi has various amenities all meant to make your time at home more wonderful. With these amenities, you’ll have a lot of reasons to skip that out-of-town trip and just stay here in this property.


  • Commercial and leisure podium
  • Swimming pool and function rooms
  • Sun decks and patios
  • Jogging trails
  • Landscaped gardens - Children's play areas
  • Children's play areas
  • Health club
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